Courses offered:

  •   Diploma in Hotel Management.
  •   Specialized diploma in Hospitality.
  •   Specialized diploma in Travel
  •   Specialized diploma in Aviation
  •   Food Production Course.
  •   B.Voc Degree in Hotel Management
  • One Year Program & Three year Specialized Tutorial Program in Hotel Management

    One year prograin Hotel Management requires to attend 6 months of intensive classroom training and practical sessions followed by 6 months of Industrial exposure training in reputed hotel brands which is arranged by the institute.The student will learn all the hotel operations that takes place in the hotel industry.Study programs in Hotel Management are concerned with coordinating the many operational tasks necessary for running a successful hotel. Managing a hotel requires knowledge and skills within a wide variety of fields. An education in hotel management teaches students the skills to effectively manage different responsibilities such as reception and concierge services, restaurant and bar functions, administration, management and marketing. Hotel Management course is aimed at equipping trainees with knowledge, attitude & skill for fundamentals of cooking and serving for effective discharge of duties & responsibilities while working in hotels / restaurants / other hospitality establishments. The trainees with sincere, courteous and responsible discharge of duties / responsibilities can strengthen / brighten up their career opportunities.

    Program Educational Objectives

  •   Create a blue print to your hospitality career & gets exposed to crucial hospitality management concepts.
  •   Understands the fundamentals of the Hotel Industry, Commercial Kitchen Operations, Food & Beverage Services.
  •   Introduction to key principles of Human Resources, Customer Centered Marketing and specific Finance & Accounting for Hotel industry.
  •   Focuses on delivering superior performance and value to the customer.
  • About Hotel Management Course

    Bachelors of Hotel Management is a study of Management of Hotel that combines an extensive educational curriculum with industrial training, providing graduates who are fully attuned to competitive aspects and requests of the Hospitality Industry which is a popular Academic degree all over the world.

    Hotel Management programme exposes the student to the diversity of hospitality industry and equips the student with intellectual & leadership capabilities allowing the student to move into diverse managerial roles in prestigious international organisations. Its multi-disciplinary programme focuses on critical analysis of management styles & strategic thinking required to succeed in hotel management.